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Udemy Debuts New Generative AI Leadership Program Developed in Collaboration with AWS

Good morning! Udemy released their new "Unlocking GenAI Opportunities with AWS" program, a 6-week collaboration with AWS to help leaders harness the rapidly evolving power of generative AI. Meanwhile, Apple's 2024 Design Awards have crowned some truly innovative apps and games, including mind-bending mixed reality experiences like djay pro and Blackbox. On a more serious note, cybersecurity researchers state that hackers increasingly use legitimate packing tools like BoxedApp to slip malware past defenses, targeting financial and government sectors.

Udemy Debuts New Generative AI Leadership Program Developed in Collaboration with AWS

Generative AI is changing fast, and Udemy is people leaders get in on the action with their new 6-week program "Unlocking GenAI Opportunities with AWS" - created jointly with AWS.

So what's the deal? You'll get hands-on training to level up your:

  • Prompt engineering skills

  • Ability to explore GenAI capabilities using PartyRock (powered by Amazon Bedrock's tech)

  • Understanding of how to reimagine businesses, boost productivity, and create awesome customer experiences using GenAI

This program also covers the crucial "human" side of driving AI adoption, like:

  • Responsible AI guidelines to ensure you do it right

  • Strategic frameworks for nurturing a culture of innovation

  • Change management tactics to inspire and engage your team through digital transformation

The learning experience is super interactive too. You've got self-paced modules, social learning components, guidance from experts, and even an "innovation tournament" to apply what you've learned.

At the end of the day, this program is designed to make you a full-on GenAI expert. You'll gain the technical AI skills plus the leadership abilities to truly unlock generative AI's potential across your organization - all while managing the risks.

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The 2024 Apple Design Award winners

Every year, Apple gives props to the sickest apps and games that bring the fire with innovative design and slick tech skills. They just revealed this year's winners, and there are some real gems!

The Spatial Computing category for mixed reality experiences is brand new this year. It's got two crazy cool picks:

  • djay pro - An immersive music-mixing app that'll blow your mind with its turntables and trippy environments like a space lounge filled with dancing robots. Insane!

  • Blackbox - This puzzle game makes you think in 3D space in the most mind-bending way. You'll be stumped but in a good way.

But it's not all just mixed reality magic. Some of the other winners are pushing boundaries in their own unique ways:

Procreate Dreams levels up 2D animation on the iPad with controls that just make sense, whether you're using the pencil or your fingers. If you're an animator or just want to get into it, this app is a dream.

Crouton keeps your recipes organized and guides you step-by-step in the kitchen without you having to squint at the screen the whole time. The interface is clean and chill.

Then you've got games like Lost in Play and Lies of P that tell epic stories with beautiful hand-drawn art and worlds that really draw you in.

Also winners opening up accessibility and letting everyone represent themselves:

  • oko uses haptic and audio feedback to let pedestrians know about crosswalk signals, which is huge for safety.

  • Crayola Adventures lets kids make a character that looks just like them - different abilities, pronouns, you name it.

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Hackers Exploit Legitimate Packer Software to Spread Malware Undetected

Threat actors are increasingly leveraging commercial packing tools like BoxedApp to evade detection and distribute malware. Check Point researchers report a surge in BoxedApp abuse, particularly targeting financial institutions and government organizations. Malware families like QuasarRAT, NanoCore, LockBit, and RedLine have been distributed using BoxedApp Packer and BxILMerge.

These packers offer advanced features such as Virtual Storage, Virtual Processes, and WIN/NT API hooking, making malware analysis challenging. Despite high false-positive rates, the benefits outweigh the drawbacks. Approximately 25% of 1,200 BoxedApp-packed samples on VirusTotal were malicious.

In a related development, the NSIXloader packer, utilizing NSIS, has been used to spread Agent Tesla, FormBook, and XLoader. Additionally, the Kiteshield packer targets Linux x86-64 ELF binaries, employing multiple encryption layers and userspace execution.

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