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OpenAI Drops GPT-4o: Their New AI Model

Good Morning! OpenAI has released GPT-4o, their latest flagship language model that boasts incredible capabilities. This model is just as intelligent as GPT-4 but faster and able to understand visuals and speech in addition to text. Google introduced PaliGemma, a new open vision-language model, and teased Gemma 2, the next generation with improved performance and efficiency. Harness, a software development platform, secured $150 million in funding to further enhance developer productivity through AI integration, new modules, and expanded go-to-market efforts, aiming to automate processes and reduce toil for developers.

OpenAI Drops GPT-4o: Their New AI Model

OpenAI just dropped GPT-4o (I highly recommend watching this playlist to see all the amazing things the new model can do - they’re only like 1 minute each), their flagship language model that's insane.

What's So Special About It?: This model is just as smart as GPT-4, but it's faster and understands way more than just boring text like visuals and speech.

Okay, so it’s good at visuals? Yes! For example, take a picture of a menu, and instantly - it'll translate the entire thing with cultural context.

Very soon, it'll be able to:

  • Hold actual voice conversations with you

  • Understand live videos in real-time

Also with GPT-4o, you can now:

  • Visualize data and create rad charts

  • Talk about any photos you upload

  • Explore the GPT Store

  • If you're a paid subscriber, you get higher usage limits.

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Google introduces PaliGemma, Gemma 2, and an Upgraded Responsible AI Toolkit

At Google's big annual I/O conference, they dropped some serious updates for all the developers and researchers working with AI models.

First up, the Gemma model family:

  • They launched PaliGemma, this open vision-language model that can understand and describe images/videos. It combines their SigLIP vision model with the Gemma language model for tasks like captioning, visual Q&A, object detection, and more.

  • They also teased Gemma 2, the next generation with a brand new architecture designed for insane performance and efficiency. You'll be able to get it in different sizes for different use cases.

On the Gemini side, Google had some impressive enhancements:

  • The new 1.5 Flash model optimized for speed and cost efficiency when serving AI apps at scale. Great for stuff like summarization, chat, captioning and more.

  • Upgrades to the star 1.5 Pro model:

    • Context window extended to a mind-bending 2 million tokens

    • Improved capabilities for code gen, logical reasoning, multi-turn conversations

    • Better at understanding multimodal inputs like audio and images

Looking ahead, Google gave a peek at Project Astra - prototypes for future AI assistants that can perceive the world through vision and audio, reason about it, and naturally converse in real-time..

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Harness Secures $150M for Developer Productivity

The software developers at Harness just got $150 million from Silicon Valley Bank and Hercules Capital. And they're gonna use that cash to double down on making their platform even more powerful for developers.

The plan? Keep making new modules, infusing more AI (like their AIDA assistant) across all their tools, and really amp up their go-to-market efforts.

Their CEO Jyoti Bansal said they're obsessed with "supercharging developer productivity and squashing toil" through automation. This funding comes hot off the heels of a insane year where they doubled the number of deploys running on their platform, launched four fresh product modules, and tightly wove AI throughout the delivery lifecycle.

And in just five years, they rocketed from $1 million to over $100 million in annual recurring revenue. In 2023 alone, their customers pumped out 44 million deploys using Harness. They also baked in 2,800+ new features and snagged elite enterprise clients like Nike and NetApp.

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