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Nokia and Google Cloud Team Up for Faster 5G Apps

Good Morning! Nokia and Google Cloud's collaboration to accelerate 5G app development, SUSE's solution for CentOS 7 users facing end-of-support challenges, and Anthropic's impressive new AI model, Claude 3.5 Sonnet. 

Nokia and Google Cloud Team Up for Faster 5G Apps

Nokia's shaking things up with Google Cloud to help developers with 5G app development. They're basically moving Nokia's "Network as Code" platform to Google Cloud, which is pretty cool.

Well, app developers are getting some sweet perks:

  • They can tap into Google Cloud's data and AI smarts

  • There's AI-powered coding help (because who doesn't want a robot assistant?)

  • It's way easier to sprinkle AI magic into their apps

  • They can use 5G network features from pretty much anywhere

For example for healthcare stuff - think better online doctor visits powered by 5G. Nokia's gives developers up with all the tools they need, like SDKs and a place to test their wild ideas.

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SUSE Liberty Linux Lite for CentOS 7 Users

CentOS 7 is losing support on June 30, 2024. Many companies still use it for important work. SUSE has made a new tool called Liberty Linux Lite to help.

What It Does: This new tool gives security fixes and updates for CentOS 7 systems. You don't need to change or upgrade your current setup.

Main Good Points:

  • Keep using your CentOS 7 systems as they are

  • Easy to set up - just point CentOS to SUSE's update source

  • Keep getting security fixes and system updates

  • Not too expensive: $25 per server each year (you need to spend at least $2500 total)

You can buy this tool until October 31, 2024.

Why It's Helpful: It solves the problem of keeping CentOS 7 systems safe. Companies don't have to make big, tricky changes to their systems. It gives CentOS 7 users a safe and steady way to keep working.

In short, SUSE Liberty Linux Lite is an easy and affordable way for businesses to keep their CentOS 7 systems running safely after the official support stops.

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Anthropic's New AI: Claude 3.5 Sonnet

Anthropic just released a new AI called Claude 3.5 Sonnet. It's their middle-level AI, but it's really good.

What's New: Claude 3.5 Sonnet is better and faster than the old version. It can do all the same tasks twice as quickly. It's even beating some top AIs from other big companies like OpenAI and Google in many areas.

What It Can Do: This AI is great at working with code. It can write new code, change code from one type to another, and fix old programs. It's also good at math in different languages and understanding written text.

Claude 3.5 Sonnet is much better at understanding pictures too. It can read charts and graphs more easily and figure out words in blurry images.

New Feature: Anthropic added something called "Artifacts." This lets people see and change what the AI makes right away. It shows how Anthropic wants AI to fit better into how people work.

This makes it really useful for businesses like stores, shipping companies, and banks.

You can try Claude 3.5 Sonnet now on the Claude website, iPhone app, or through some special computer systems for developers.

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