GitLab Just Dropped Version 17

Good Morning! GitLab has released version 17 of its powerful DevOps platform, bringing exciting new AI capabilities to streamline software development. Apple has implemented geofencing restrictions for third-party browser engines on iOS devices in the European Union, raising concerns about browser choice and compliance with regulations. An eBay listing claiming to sell an original Apple employee badge from the early days has been exposed as a forgery.

GitLab Just Dropped Version 17

The awesome folks at GitLab have been cooking up something special - version 17 of their powerful DevOps platform. And like every other company they released AI capabilities that will help you develop software.

Leading the charge is the highly anticipated GitLab Duo Enterprise, an AI add-on that builds upon the already impressive GitLab Duo Pro. This tool is a true multitasker, capable of:

  • Automatically detecting and fixing security issues

  • Summarizing issue discussions and merge requests (because who has time for all that?)

  • Optimizing your CI/CD pipelines to keep things running smooth

  • Making team collaboration an absolute breeze

GitLab Duo Enterprise also comes with an AI Impact dashboard that gives you the lowdown on how AI is impacting your entire software development lifecycle. With this tool, you can easily see if all this AI is truly paying off.

Another standout feature is the brand-new CI/CD Catalog. Developers can now discover, reuse, and even contribute their own CI/CD components and workflows which is very efficient. And if you're part of an organization that values privacy - you can create private catalogs to keep things on the down-low.

Oh, and let's not forget about the other cool additions. GitLab 17 also has:

  • A Native Secrets Manager for securely storing sensitive credentials (because let's face it, we all have a few skeletons in the closet)

  • Availability of GitLab Dedicated on Google Cloud, because options are always good

  • Fresh SAST integrations to keep your security game on point

  • Upgraded product analytics and observability improvements, because who doesn't love a good analytics dashboard?

  • Agile planning enhancements, because efficient planning is the key to success

  • A Model Registry for all you AI/ML developers out there, because the future is now!

With all these AI and machine learning tools packed into one comprehensive DevSecOps platform, GitLab 17 is definitely shaking things up. Intelligent, secure software delivery just got a whole lot easier I would say.

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Apple geofences third-party browser engine work for EU devices

Apple is letting other browser engines on iOS in Europe, but they're making it a huge pain. The catch? You can only build and test those non-WebKit browsers on devices physically located in the EU. Yep, they're basically geofencing it. For the big browser makers like Google, Mozilla, Microsoft with their dev teams mostly in the US, that means they're stuck using simulators for their iOS browser work. Any developer worth their salt knows sims are no replacement for testing on real devices. It's a shady move that critics are calling a middle finger to the Digital Markets Act's requirement for real browser choice on iOS. Apple's doing the bare minimum while making alternative engines as impractical as possible. Sneaky way to keep Safari dominant without openly defying the rules.

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Internet Spotlight

The Forged Apple Employee Badge (Read Here)

So Cabel Sasser from Panic just went full Sherlock Holmes on this sketchy eBay listing claiming to sell an OG Apple employee badge from back in the day.

Calling in the Expert:

  • He hit up Chris Espinosa, who was literally Employee #8

  • Together they sniffed out all kinds of weird little details that proved it was a total forgery

Like, the "typewritten" text was too uniform for something pre-desktop publishing. And get this - the ancient-looking map was just Chris's own doodle that someone messed with! Then there was:

  • This bogus German "invoice"

  • With a lots of rookie mistakes no native speaker would make

Cabel tried to stop the sale, but someone still dropped nearly a thousand bucks on the fake before he could post his expose.

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