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Eclipse Foundation's New Theia IDE

Good Morning! The Eclipse Foundation has launched Theia IDE, a new open-source development tool that works on desktops and in web browsers, offering features like LSP and DAP protocol support. James Gosling, the creator of Java, has announced his retirement at age 69, leaving behind a legacy that continues to shape the programming world. David Cahn from Sequoia Capital has updated his analysis on AI computing growth, revealing a widening gap between AI chip investments and revenue generation, now termed the "$600B question."

Eclipse Foundation's New Theia IDE

The Eclipse Foundation has just released a new tool for programmers called Theia IDE. It's a big deal in the world of open-source development.

Theia IDE works on regular computers and in web browsers. It's built on something called the Eclipse Theia platform.

Main features include:

  • Support for LSP and DAP protocols

  • Works with VS Code add-ons from the Open VSX registry

  • Changeable toolbar and movable views

  • Ability to code from far away

  • Team coding feature coming soon

Theia IDE cares about your privacy and doesn't track what you do unless you say it's okay. It uses modern web tech to work on different types of computers.

Many companies like Ericsson and EclipseSource helped create it. Theia IDE aims to be a truly open option compared to VS Code, giving coders more freedom to set up their work space.

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Java Creator James Gosling Retires

James Gosling, the inventor of Java, has announced he's retiring at 69. Gosling's creation, Java, is still one of the top three programming languages worldwide, powering many industries with its ability to run on different platforms and its safe memory handling.

Throughout his work life, Gosling guided Java's growth as tech quickly changed, adjusting it to meet new needs. His work has greatly shaped how we write software today.

As Gosling steps away, Java's future looks good. The language is now improved by a lively group of developers who suggest new features and add them to Java systems.

After retiring, Gosling wants to work on fun projects he's always wanted to try. While he won't be working on Java daily anymore, his impact will continue to influence the programming world.

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AI’s $600B Question

David Cahn from Sequoia Capital has checked his numbers on AI computer growth. He found the gap between money spent on AI chips and money made from AI is getting bigger. His "$200B question" from last year is now a "$600B question," with a huge $500B yearly money gap that needs to be filled.

Main points:

  • AI chip shortages are over, but companies are storing lots of chips

  • OpenAI leads in AI money-making at $3.4B, much more than others

  • Nvidia's new B100 chip will be 2.5 times better for only 25% more cost

  • Worries about AI computing becoming cheap and chips losing value fast

Cahn warns that lots of money might be wasted, like in past tech bubbles. But he's still hopeful about AI's future, noting that cheaper chips could help new companies and ideas. The big task is dealing with the ups and downs now while building AI businesses that last.

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