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Big Step Forward in Brain-Like Computer Chips

Good Morning! Scientists achieve breakthrough in brain-like computer chips, promising revolutionary energy efficiency. European Union charges Microsoft with antitrust violations over Teams bundling, marking a significant challenge to the tech giant's business practices. Anthropic unveils major upgrades to Claude AI, introducing collaborative features that could transform how teams work with artificial intelligence.

Big Step Forward in Brain-Like Computer Chips

Scientists from UC Santa Barbara and Intel Labs have come up with a new way to make computer chips that work more like our brains. Their goal is to create chips that use much less energy, getting closer to how efficient our brains are.

The New Technology: These scientists are using special tiny switches called TMD-based TFETs. These new switches are very thin and use less power than the ones in today's computers. They can turn on and off using less electricity, which helps them act more like brain cells.

When put into brain-like circuits, these new switches worked much better than the best ones we use now. They could lead to chips that use only 100 times more energy than our brains, which is a big improvement.

Future Possibilities and Importance:

  • Could power very low-energy AI and smart devices

  • Researchers might make 3D versions to be even more like real brains

  • Could help reduce the overall energy used by computers worldwide

This work was shared in a science journal called Nature Communications. While it's still being tested and not ready for regular use, it's an important step towards making computers that are more brain-like and use less energy.

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EU Charges Microsoft with Antitrust Violations Over Teams Bundling

The European Commission has accused Microsoft of breaking competition rules. This is about how Microsoft includes its Teams chat app with Office 365 and Microsoft 365. It's the first time in 15 years that the EU has made such a claim against Microsoft.

The Problem:

  • Microsoft is said to be giving Teams an unfair boost

  • This might make it harder for other similar apps to compete

What Happened Before: Microsoft tried to fix this by offering Teams separately from Office in Europe last year, and then everywhere else. But EU officials think this isn't enough.

The case started when Slack (now part of Salesforce) complained in 2020.

What Might Happen: If found guilty, Microsoft could face big fines - up to 10% of its yearly global income. They might also have to change how they sell their software.

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Anthropic Enhances Claude AI with Collaborative Features

Anthropic has updated its Claude AI assistant with new tools to help people work together better.

Projects Feature: This new tool lets Pro and Team users organize their chats and save important info in one place. Each Project can hold as much text as a big book. Teams can now give Claude access to their own documents, like writing guides or computer code.

Custom Instructions: Users can now tell Claude exactly how they want it to work for each Project. This helps Claude give better answers that fit what the team needs.

Artifacts Feature: This adds a special area where users can create things with Claude in real-time. It's great for:

  • Writing code

  • Making content

  • Designing

Programmers will find this especially helpful, as it gives them more space to work and see their results right away.

Team Sharing: Team users can now share parts of their Claude chats with others. This helps everyone learn new ways to use Claude and come up with fresh ideas.

These updates make Claude much more useful for businesses. It's now easier to use AI for different jobs like making software, looking at data, and designing websites. Overall, these changes help make AI a bigger part of how teams work together.

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